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pdf0 Belize Public Service Telephone Standards Manual - 2016

This policy should serve as a guide to Public Officers who interacts with the public, regardless of

Date 2017-08-04 Language  English File Size 335.04 KB Download 9,395 Download
pdf1 Customer Service Policy for the Belize Public Service

The purpose of this policy is to standardize and establish a strategic, logical and easy to understand approach to the design and delivery of GOB’s services, which

Date 2017-08-04 File Size 1.72 MB Download 2,197 Download
pdf2 Recognition And Meritorious Award Policy For The Belize Public Service

This Recognition and Meritorious Award Policy aims to reward in-service public officers for their commitment to the achievement of quality public services, thus

Recognition_ _Meritorious_Award_Policy_thumb
Date 2017-08-04 File Size 1.08 MB Download 2,708 Download
pdf3 Outstanding Honors and Awards Brochure
Outstanding Honors and Awards Brochure
Date 2020-03-11 File Size 9.03 MB Download 1,061 Download
zip4 Long Service Award Brochure
Public Service Longevity Awards0
Date 2020-03-11 File Size 2.04 MB Download 1,221 Download